boho bride









I find that being yourself is extremely important in all aspects of life, especially in big
life events. When I look at the photographs from different weddings, I  love when I see originality and
authenticity which is the expression of the identity of bride and groom. You know which weddings I talk about?
The ones that make you feel happy and delighted being a guest because of relaxed and natural vibe.

Even with hairstyles we show our authenticity, so those hairstyles with natural flowers and girls with wild and untamed 
hair were my inspiration for this post. So that’s why it’s important for you to find a hair stylist who will recognize your
style and who will make your hair beautiful and authentic, who you can trust? For me, it’s Radmila, my friend  and professional
hair stylist whom I know all my life! She will bring to life all of those Pinterest hairstyles that you like. If you choose Radmila to
make bridal hairstyle, your wedding day will start joyful and relaxed,siting in the sallon and drinking your morning coffee.






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